Elio Rosolino Cassarà

Elio Rosolino Cassarà

Born 1974 in Mazara del Vallo, Italy.

As a young man, he had already worked in local artists’ studios. After a stay in Venice in 1997, he studied the early 20th century masters, and was particularly drawn to the still lifes of Giorgio Morandi, depicting seemingly “simple” objects. He then spent years intensively studying painting, strongly influenced by the German romantic painter, Caspar David Friedrich, the symbolism of Max Klinger and Arnold Böcklin, and the ideas of the radical Pre-Raphaelites.

After an initial extended stay in Germany in 2001, his works became more expressive and abstract, owing to his enthusiasm for Gerhard Richter. It was then that his long involvement with the topic of ‘paesaggio’, or landscape, began. This theme encompasses deserted areas as well as urban structures.

Before coming full circle in 2014 when Cassarà returned to Venice and Sicily, he travelled through Europe, painting in Serbia, Slovenia, Finland, Holland and Norway. In particular, the landscape of Iceland has become a lasting influence in his works.

In 2016 and 2017 two of his artworks became part of the Permanent Collection of the Museum Osservatorio dell’arte contemporanea in Sicilia.

Among many others, who wrote about him are Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Ezio Pagano, Marcello Palminteri, Nina Pogarcic, Victor Arellano Rey, Gaetano Salerno.

Solo Exhibitons

2017 – Wunderkammer7, Venice, Italy

2015 – Galerie Hugo Cassel, Berlin, Germany

2014 – Palazzo Ca`Zanardi, Venice, Italy

2013 – Galerie Sievi, Berlin, Germany

2010 – Galerie Sievi, Berlin, Germany

2009 – Alexander Alvarez Contemporary Art, Alessandria, Italy

2007 – Narodni Muzej, Zajecar, Serbia

2006 – Art Klub Canaletto, Belgrad, Serbia

1999 – Galleria V&V Projects, Venice, Italy

1999 – Scoletta dei Calegheri, Venice, Italy


Group Exhibitions

2010 – Hotel Casanova, Duchcov, Czech Republic

2009 – IX Concorso La Fenice et Des Artistes, Trieste, Italy